About us

DMOS was established by former senior officers of the Israeli Intelligence Community who together have accumulated decades of operation and mission command experience in critical capacities in Israel and around the world, specializing in human intelligence (HUMINT).

DMOS provides specialized training for senior directors and executives, as well as consulting and support services to companies and organizations in the areas of negotiations, mobilizing investors, executive placement, and human capital development.

What Is Human Intelligence?

Human intelligence is one of the most important operational tools that the Israeli and global intelligence community use to recruit and run assets in order to acquire high quality, precise ‘gold standard’ intelligence unobtainable through other means. The ability of this operational service continually improves and develops over time and they work, inter alia, by adapting a variety of exceptional interpersonal tools and techniques.

The development and implementation of these skills adapted by DMOS for civilian and business use offer an exceptional advantage in strategic planning and implementation, conducting negotiations, high performance in uncertain and unfamiliar environments, and the ability to visualize and influence matters in the business world to be creative - in other words, to really think outside of the box.

Company management

HUMINT workshop

In the DMOS specialist workshop given by former leading Mossad operatives, you can enrich your business skills with specialized technical knowledge adapted from the operational intelligence sphere for the specific needs of negotiations and business communications.

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Teamwork Workshop

Efficiently working as a team is of major importance in the success of every organization.

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One-on-One Training for Executives

This specially designed training course is delivered by former Shin Bet and Mossad senior operatives to develop specific managerial expertise.

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Senior Executive Recruitment

We provide specialized solutions for selecting and screening executive candidates.

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Negotiations and Tenders

In order to successfully lead negotiations, it is necessary to think strategically and plan several steps ahead at every stage.

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Recruiting Investors

The company’s consulting department supports and advises companies and organizations in the process of negotiation, tendering and investment meetings with investors.

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